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Interakting, Business & Decision Group’s web agency, a Gold eZ Systems Integration partner, launches its „eZ Way 2 Magento“ offering a connector that interfaces eZ Publish and Magento(r), combining a powerful Content Management System (CMS) with a leading e-commerce engine.

Skien/Paris, 24 January 2012 – Interakting, a recognized player on the e-commerce and content management markets, has created the first eZ Publish/Magento(r) connector, validated by the eZ Systems company, creator and vendor of the eZ Publish Web Open Source content management platform.

„eZ Way 2 Magento“ is a major eZ Publish solution development thanks to which the Magento(r) solution can be managed in an entirely transparent manner, while its e-commerce strengths are combined with eZ Publish’s editorial and online store publication features.

The „eZ Way 2 Magento“ connector is available on eZ Systems‘ eZ Market, which provides the market with certified plug-ins to enhance eZ Publish’s platform features.

„Today, all brand sites are reviewing their strategy in order to optimize their e-commerce setup. The access to end customers has become essential to building new sales and marketing strategies. „Retailtainment“ is still for most an important differentiating factor, so using a powerful content management tool has become a must,“ highlights Alain Werdenschlag, Interakting agency Director.

In view of the market’s failure to fully meet this dual challenge, Interakting decided to combine eZ Publish Enterprise with Magento(r). The connector combines a powerful content management engine with a very versatile e-commerce engine. The eZ Publish/Magento(r) connector aims at integrating all the necessary features for Magento(r)’s e-commerce to work in eZ Publish. Websites managed with eZ Publish will have e-commerce tools in their CMS to help drive sales and retailtainment. User navigation is transparent and smooth: browsing within eZ Publish without changing of domain, accessing to both systems is fully simultaneous and two-way. The products catalogue, the product data sheets, the shopping cart, the integration of various payment methods such as Paypal and all other e-commerce platform features are directly accessible in eZ Publish.

Christof Zahneissen, eZ Publish Product Manager states: „Integrating content management and shopping creates a unique user experience which is absolutely essential to building customer loyalty and providing successful e-commerce offerings. Convergent physical, digital and mobile multi-channels are at the heart of customer experience development. Interaction with targets is now a constant concern. And this is what eZ Publish is all about.“

„Technically speaking, we have chosen a model that allows eZ Publish to manage, in an independent way, Magento output within its templates; this guarantees strong upward compatibility with any future Magento developments,“ says Raphael Carles, Interakting agency Technical Director.

About eZ Systems: Founded in 1999, eZ Systems is the creator of eZ Publish, the award winning Open Source Web Content Management Platform, run by more than 250,000 installations in over 160 countries. eZ empowers digital business with a platform that not only enables organizations to manage content across multiple sites in many languages but also ensures that the information is delivered regardless of the channel. The result – right content, right time, right experience. The core element of the product is based on the open source paradigm enriched by enterprise services and completed by the eZ market offerings, resulting into enterprise grade subscription offerings with high-quality assurance, software maintenance and support services.

eZ Systems is trusted by well-known brands worldwide across a wide range of industries. Its customers include: CNBC, T-Mobile, France Telecom, Orange, BPCE, Clearchannel, Random House, EMI Music, Lagardère Active, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal Asia, UBM, Oslo Stock Exchange, Harvard University and MIT, United States Navy and French Ministry of Defense.

Additional information: eZ Systems Headquarters, Klostergata 30, N-3732 Skien, Norway, Tel. +47 35587020, email:, Web:

About Interakting Interakting, a Business & Decision Group division, is an international web agency that brings together some 350 Internet and digital media specialists. It provides its customers with a complete services offering driven by its expertise areas: Consulting, Web Analytics, IT Development, Web Design, Hosting. Interakting is widely known for its ability to build big Internet setups requiring standard platforms. For more information, please visit:

Business & Decision is an international Consulting and Systems Integration (CSI) company. It is a leader in e-Business, Enterprise Information Management (EIM), Enterprise Solutions as well as management Consulting. Business & Decision contributes to the success of customer projects by driving maximum business performance. The company has a reputation for functional and technological expertise and has forged partnerships with all of the key technology vendors. Located in 19 countries, Business & Decision currently employs more than 2800 people in France and worldwide.

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About Magento(r) Magento is the e-commerce platform recording the strongest international growth, with over 200 solutions suppliers and 800,000 stores including leader brands, innovative enterprises and major distributors, and an annual transaction volume that exceeds $25 billion. Magento is a feature-rich platform solution that provides online stores with flexibility and total control over online store presentation, content and features. Based in Los Angeles, Magento is a rapidly-developing entrepreneurial organization whose mission is to support the world’s e-commerce ecosystem.


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